Due to Shelter in Place Order, Bodywork Scheduling Postponed Until Further Notice !

I will be making periodic trips down to the bay as the shelter in place order is lifted. Please follow my instagram: @circlewithin for updates on when I plan to open spaces for bodywork appointments. 

Enhance your wellness. My bodywork sessions generally begin with some Shiatsu, moving to oilination and swedish/deep tissue, and complete with the deep stillness of craniosacral work. Often times I treat chronic issues (such as TMJ Syndrome, Migraines, CNS disorders, chronic neck and back pain, etc.) with CranioSacral Therapy. I also specialize in pre/post natal as well as infant massage.  Regular bodywork is an incredible way to enhance your experience of life, helping to bring things into balance and harmony. I strongly recommend it, even when you are already feeling good, why not use it as a delicious form of preventative medicine and self care. 


YOGA CLASSES: Online Only Due to Covid-19 and Family Relocation

 Hi All! I recently moved back to my hometown Ukiah for ... many reasons. I will no longer be teaching live classes in the bay however you can check out my youtube channel donation based yoga class postings, as well as check out pop up classes that I will be teaching online for Left Coast Power Yoga, a WOC owned local studio in Oakland.  Please continue to support your local studios!  Additionally, once SIP orders are lifted I will plan to lead retreats throughout the year in order to stay connected to my yoga students. Please check my Instagram @circlewithin for updates on future retreats.  

 Yoga for Everyone: Since 2009 I have been teaching yoga full time. I am a strong believer that movement and stillness are both necessary for optimal health. Yoga brings us both.  I teach vinyasa classes which are physically challenging, safe, and give space for stillness and meditation. I also have great retreats and workshops coming up! 

Yoga for Everyone


The Magic of Music

 I'm a passionate musician and songwriter. I believe in the profound healing and transformative nature of sound, and I love sharing it with others. My mission is to bring community together through music and dance. I'm available for public and private events. 

Check out some of the tracks from my new album: